July Experiments Update

Posted by Norm on July 5, 2009 10:40 PM

100 Website Experiment
It has been really an exciting month for my 100 website experiment.

Some important statistics:
1. Highest paying day since joining Google Adsense
2. Highest paying month since joining Google Adsense
3. Highest traffic month

It is amazing how a few tweaks here and there can do wonders for a site. I am absolutely floored by the results however I am skeptical whether this will continue. I am hoping it will continue for the next 6 months. If it continues at this rate I should be well into my 100$ day within 6-9 months.

Sometimes you need to perfect and do something really and not half ass effort before trying to replicate. I think my biggest issues have been complacency and not spending the time on something that I should have kept at it. Also the mentality of thinking it will be easy was a big no no.

Free Money Experiment
Pureprofile paid again, 50$ which is fantastic.

As you can see I am no longer going show much I made each month as it probably has been rather pointless.