100 Websites Experiment Report for June 2009

Posted by Norm on June 3, 2009 5:34 PM

Welcome to the 100 Websites Experiment Report for June 2009. 97 Websites to go.

How many sites created? 3
How many sites pending for release? 0
Earning in May? $194.76

It has been nearly 18 months since I started this experiment and I am no closer to that 100 websites or 100$ a day mark.

Things learnt so far.

1. Replication is not that simple. It takes more effort then just putting a site and hope it will make money. There are factors at play and need to be wary of them
- Competition
- Keywords
- Popularity

2. Competition is fierce. If you tackle a particular niche that is highly competitive you will most likely not do well unless you really know how to rank well in search engines and how to do SEO.

3. Marketing a site is important. Cannot just hope that a crawler will crawl your site. Especially if it is in a highly competitive niche.

From these lessons learnt, I will be taking a different approach in how to tackle this project and concentrate my efforts of dominating the SERP for one particular niche and then extend it to 10 niches.

If I can start making 50$ a day on this one site then I should be able to take to 100$ with new sites. Until I figured out how to dominate a niche then there is no use building multiple sites on different niches as it will be a waste of effort. Once I can perfect one then it should be possible to create more sites.