Make Money with Ebay Affiliate Program

Posted by Norm on August 22, 2009 9:26 PM

Last month I decided to join Ebay's Affiliate Program, mainly to try to squeeze a little more money out of my sites. I installed the script to my main site by researching my adsense revenue on pages that were not generating any revenue to see if they can be better monetized.

So far the program has amassed me a total of $1 dollar. This is not much, however I have only added it to 10 pages which is a very very small segment of my site.

The Ebay's Affiliate Program payout structure was originally based from sign-ups and successful bids, but last week they announced that are going change it to be Pay Per Click (Quality Click Pricing). Now this would be very interesting to see how it performs against Google's Adsense. I am not 100% convince this will make me more money than Adsense but it will help increase my ROI on non-performing pages.

Optimizing your advertising realestate is very important to ensure that you have the very best opportunity of making some money from your sites. I have been blindly using Adsense for over 5 years and only recently realize that only proportion of my sites page actually make money from Adsense and there are other pages that just eating bandwidth and not generating income.