In response to Yaro's A Day In The Life Of An Internet Entrepreneur 2009 Edition I decided to write about my experience as an Upcoming Internet Entrepreneur with a Day Job. I always dream to have similar online income to Yaro's, John Chow, Grizzly and others, however I guess you could say I am in between, up and coming.

Little things about me
I don't have many readers on my blog (partly I never intended my blog to be public), so here is a quick introduction about myself and my situation. I am currently 31 years old and live in Sydney Australia, however I grew up in Brisbane. I have a bachelor of IT major in Computer Science from QUT (Queensland University of Technology)..

I am currently engaged to a wonderful girl. I have been fortunate she supports me in many ways that allows me to concentrate on my online business when I am not at work.

I currently work full time as a Manager of a Financial company in Sydney. My goal in life is Financial freedom and to have my own online business. Financial freedom through investing in property, which I been fortunate to done quite well in it at the moment.

I started making money online in May 2005 about 50$ a month which was exciting at the time. The idea of having website stem the idea of Passive Income through property. I saw that having a website is like a property that makes money whether you are there or not really is my motivation.

A website is very similar to a property, people are willing to pay you rent to have the privilege to live in it and advertisers pay me rent to advertise on my web site. Which is fantastic value. Every month I receive a cheque from them and every month Google sends me one. Beautiful

However through combination of lack of motivation and forward vision, the site only grew to 100$ a month in the last 2 years.

However over time it never really took off. May 2009 about 4 years later this is when my one site began to take off, like I making 500$ a month now but honestly I should be making more if wasn't so lazy.

Here is a typical day of Upcoming Internet Entrepreneur with a Day Job

I tend to wake up around 830-845 have a shower and rush out the door to be in at work around 900am - 915am. Sometimes I fit in a little breakfast but generally a coffee will spruce me up, I don't get 8 hours sleep usually 4-5 max if I am lucky.

As soon as I get into work I check my Google Adsense which has become a ritual. Also now I am check Ebay and other affiliate programs.

Officially my workday begins after that. I would read all my 100s of emails and begin to work through all the questions and management issues.

I will take lunch around at 1pm and now make an effort to not sit at my desk and eat my lunch. I take an  hour have a bit a social chit chat with the staff. Around 2pm my days continue with the usual. Do the same tasks until 6pm go home time.

I will then head to the gym and workout for about an hour and then go home to have dinner.

By now half the evening has already gone, I would spend the next 5 hours or so working on my online my business.

  • Create new pages
  • Moderate the website
  • Read and Procrastinate about how other people making money (This is the biggest time waster)
  • Goal setting - What I need to get done each day
Each of my sites I run, are full on websites not just a blog. The site is fully interactive and is setup to allow readers to contribute and be part of the community. I see each of my new sites not just a website with information but a website that can truely provide real value to my readers and not just to make me money. Some of my sites don't even make me money but eventually they will as I will grow them through time.

My hours are long and in honestly this it is tough. I actually quite drained from working 1 job that pays fairly well and the other that is unknown. But the brilliant bit about the second one, I don't always have to work on the website to make money. I do zero promotions, nearly 95% organic traffic which is amazing.

There is no short cut in making alot of money whether it is online or offline. Hardwork and lots of work.


Make Money with Ebay Affiliate Program

Posted by Norm on August 22, 2009 9:26 PM

Last month I decided to join Ebay's Affiliate Program, mainly to try to squeeze a little more money out of my sites. I installed the script to my main site by researching my adsense revenue on pages that were not generating any revenue to see if they can be better monetized.

So far the program has amassed me a total of $1 dollar. This is not much, however I have only added it to 10 pages which is a very very small segment of my site.

The Ebay's Affiliate Program payout structure was originally based from sign-ups and successful bids, but last week they announced that are going change it to be Pay Per Click (Quality Click Pricing). Now this would be very interesting to see how it performs against Google's Adsense. I am not 100% convince this will make me more money than Adsense but it will help increase my ROI on non-performing pages.

Optimizing your advertising realestate is very important to ensure that you have the very best opportunity of making some money from your sites. I have been blindly using Adsense for over 5 years and only recently realize that only proportion of my sites page actually make money from Adsense and there are other pages that just eating bandwidth and not generating income.


July Experiments Update

Posted by Norm on July 5, 2009 10:40 PM

100 Website Experiment
It has been really an exciting month for my 100 website experiment.

Some important statistics:
1. Highest paying day since joining Google Adsense
2. Highest paying month since joining Google Adsense
3. Highest traffic month

It is amazing how a few tweaks here and there can do wonders for a site. I am absolutely floored by the results however I am skeptical whether this will continue. I am hoping it will continue for the next 6 months. If it continues at this rate I should be well into my 100$ day within 6-9 months.

Sometimes you need to perfect and do something really and not half ass effort before trying to replicate. I think my biggest issues have been complacency and not spending the time on something that I should have kept at it. Also the mentality of thinking it will be easy was a big no no.

Free Money Experiment
Pureprofile paid again, 50$ which is fantastic.

As you can see I am no longer going show much I made each month as it probably has been rather pointless.


100 Websites Experiment Report for June 2009

Posted by Norm on June 3, 2009 5:34 PM

Welcome to the 100 Websites Experiment Report for June 2009. 97 Websites to go.

How many sites created? 3
How many sites pending for release? 0
Earning in May? $194.76

It has been nearly 18 months since I started this experiment and I am no closer to that 100 websites or 100$ a day mark.

Things learnt so far.

1. Replication is not that simple. It takes more effort then just putting a site and hope it will make money. There are factors at play and need to be wary of them
- Competition
- Keywords
- Popularity

2. Competition is fierce. If you tackle a particular niche that is highly competitive you will most likely not do well unless you really know how to rank well in search engines and how to do SEO.

3. Marketing a site is important. Cannot just hope that a crawler will crawl your site. Especially if it is in a highly competitive niche.

From these lessons learnt, I will be taking a different approach in how to tackle this project and concentrate my efforts of dominating the SERP for one particular niche and then extend it to 10 niches.

If I can start making 50$ a day on this one site then I should be able to take to 100$ with new sites. Until I figured out how to dominate a niche then there is no use building multiple sites on different niches as it will be a waste of effort. Once I can perfect one then it should be possible to create more sites.


Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free with Shoe Money

Posted by Norm on May 26, 2009 5:04 AM

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Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or an expert this course covers everything from beginner's guide through to launching your online business.

So what are you waiting for? I have started the journey to earning a passive income. I am now sharing this secret with you. To find out more about Shoe and how you can start your own passive income visit