Money Making Experiment - 100 Websites

Posted by Norm on December 14, 2007 3:53 AM

About 2 years ago I created my first passive incoming producing website. Over the years it has consistently made me money for doing little or no work. I know that this website alone makes me over 1$ a day, so I always wondered will 100 websites make me 100$ a day.

Thats over 36500$ per year.


The goal of this experiment is to make 100$ a day through 100 websites.

Success Indicator
To make 100$ a day passively through these websites will be the main indicator of success.


  • Each website must be developed using "White Hat SEO" Techniques.
  • Can be monetized with Paid Per Click, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Pay to Blogging.
  • Each website must be created using Free Blogs or be a Hosted solution.