What is Financial Freedom?

Posted by Norm on December 14, 2007 3:56 PM

What does financial freedom mean to you? For me personally I would loosely defined it as been able to spend money freely without having to worry about tomorrow. Why I ask this question is because many people dream of financial freedom or talk about it but never know when they get there. How can your dreams come true when you don't even know what it is.

Originally I thought financial freedom for me was enough to survive. I was concentrating all of my efforts to making 30K a year passively. Then I started thinking and realise that the dream I was aiming for was infact a false dream. It was a dream to survive, so it meant I couldn't buy cool things, travel the world, buy cars or spend it on my girlfriend or even start family. Who was gonna feed kids?

Perhaps that was my dream back in 2003 but not to realise this sooner have cost me precious time.

I recommend you to start thinking what does financial freedom mean to you? Everyones dream is different, but make sure you evaluate from time to time that you are on the same page with yourself. Otherwise, you never get to where you going. And worse of all time is wasted. I hate time wasters.