The Secret to Making Money Online

Posted by Norm on May 12, 2009 9:48 PM

After years of searching and reading other blogs, websites and reading every ebook available I finally found the "Secret of Making Money Online".

After applying the "Secret" my world changed, my income just multiplied and now I am well on my way of making my riches online.

With the "Secret of Making Money Online" in hand, I started to build websites.

I then proceeded to apply for Google Adsense and other revenue programs to generate income from.

For each of the sites I wrote quality article and content using SEO friendly terms, headings and titles. New articles was updated on a added regularly.

I promoted these websites using different techniques from Adwords, organic traffic through SEO and linking to places which complimented my sites.

I also setup Google Analytics to track keywords, traffic and revenues. With this information in hand I was able to analyze everything. This was valuable information.

It was hard at first, but over time the money just started to roll in, literally every morning I would wake to see massive balance in each of my revenue reports.

If you are still reading this then you probably dying to find out what my "Secret of Making Money Online". If you read the post again, the secret is "I started". Thats right, you can read all you want but if you never start you will never succeed. You have to stop procrastinating and begin experimenting with every technique out there and see if it works for you.

If you first don't succeed try again, try again until it works. You can buy all the Make Money online ebook online, they can't make you rich unless you trial their techniques. In honestly I have never bought an ebook. All the techniques is freely available online. Once I found a technique that worked, I rinse and repeated the technique.

The Secret of Making Money online is "Starting". Stop reading and starting building.