SoftSys Hosting Review

Posted by Norm on October 16, 2008 6:09 PM

Well after months of searching and researching I have decided to go with SoftSys Hosting.

I have registered with their Silver Shared package which gives you
- 2 Hosted domains
- Heaps of other stuff
- 70$ Annually

After signing up and making payment, I instantly received an email regarding all the configuration. So I promptly uploaded my site, database schemas and application. My first impression of the product it is pretty good value for money for what been offered.

However I had some issues in regards to their MYSQL 5.0. All of my pages was loading extremely slow. After raising a ticket, their suggestion was try Microsoft SQL Server. So little flusted and annoyed about this, I decided to migrate my DB to MSSQL. Took a few hours of rewriting schemas and reworking my base code to handle the new database.

I had my fingers crossed, hoping that all my work was not in vain, I tried it again and pages loaded up really fast, fantastic. I was relieved, cause I didnt want to go find another host and do all the leg work again.

There technical Support has been brilliant. They were prompt and polite in resolving my issues. I had to admit though, at one stage I was about to ask for a refund cause I could not connect to my website, but after a few emails we finally manage to figure out the issue, and they promptly fixed it (DNS misconfiguration on their end) and everything appears to working fine.

One of the things I like about SoftSys Hosting, is there control panel. I love DotNetPanel, it is an amazing application providing everything I need to do via one interface.

For the price I am paying is very reasonable, hopefully they will stay good, so I can start implementing my 100 website experiment.

If you want to join you can sign up here SoftSys Hosting (Affiliate)