Emailcash - Free Money

Posted by Norm on September 9, 2008 9:29 PM

I have been a member of Emailcash since the Year 2000. Wow amazing nearly 8 years. Over the 8 years I have probably cashed out about 6 times (180$) that makes it nearly once year.

Emailcash has a a variety of ways for you to earn money through filling out surveys, clicking on advertising, shopping through reward partners, banking the points to earn interest, daily competition and reading emails.

You can use your points to spend on gifts, give it to charity or cash out a 30$ check.

You can make 5cents a day by doing there daily survey and click on an ad. Which equates to about 1.50$ a month. I have used there shopping reward partner once but generally I get most of my points from surveys and emails and daily clicks.

To be honest, Emailcash is probably one of the slowest way to earn free money online, as it can take over 12 months to cash out unless you are spending money. I don't know why I still do it, but perhaps out of habit. However Emailcash has always paid me on time without fail which is fantastic.

If you like to join Emailcash click here (Now called Rewards Central) - Australia only